Writing A New Book? Blog About It

Writing a new book is an exciting endeavor, and you now have a communication medium that authors of the past could not have fathomed: The Internet. Long before your final manuscript is finished and ready for publication, you can connect with your audience of readers and have them follow your journey from rough story outline to finished publication.

Starting a blog dedicated to your book-in-progress is an excellent way to make this happen. Another method is to become active on social media in order to open lines of dialogue with your target audience. Possible ideas for this kind of book promotion include posting excerpts or even full chapters, asking your readers for suggestions or updating them about your projected book publication date.

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Connecting a book to a blog

One of the first things to do when setting up a blog for your book is to give both of them the same title. Ideally, you’ll be able to purchase that name as a self-hosted domain address. This method will connect your book and its blog in your readers’ minds right away. The next recommended step is to include an “About” page introducing yourself, your background as a writer, your motivations for writing this particular book and the major themes your new work will cover.

Offering sample chapters early on is a proven way to increase reader interest. Eliciting reader comments will help you gauge how well your story will be received and can often reveal areas needing improvement in the earliest writing stages. You can write your sample chapters as blog posts, but an even better way is to offer them as free digital downloads to each reader who subscribes to your blog’s RSS feed.

Promoting your book with social media

Twitter, Facebook and similar social sites are becoming staples for authors to get the word out about their work to as many potential readers as possible. One of the first methods to get started is to create a Facebook fan page for your book, and be sure to include the graphics and illustrations you plan to use for the finished product. You can even post images of your proposed book cover art to see which one your Facebook followers like the best.

Several ways exist to get your followers to spread the word about your book to even more potential readers. You can even include a pre-crafted Twitter promotion section on your blog that allows your visitors to share a link back to it on their Twitter pages with simply a click.

Blogging and social media have become the new press kit tools for authors, and the possibilities are nearly limitless for how many readers you can reach with your writing. For launching a successful blog for your book, be sure to keep your readers updated with regular posts and to use good SEO keyword practices. For your social media promotion, keep the conversations going about topics related to your book that are drawing followers’ interest. The two-way online communication channels will not only promote your new book; they can also help to make you a better writer through learning more about what matters to your readers.


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