With B2CWide System Your Clients Can Order Large Format Products Online

As a print provider, it’s important to keep track of advancements and innovations at the field. Your clients are expecting to get the best results with the latest and fastest techniques, and you can’t afford to lose them to your competitors.

One way to become the leading print service in your area is to implement a wide format system that allows your clients to order large products such as canvas, posters and wall stickers online. And B2CWide system offers exactly this – an online system that your clients can login to and order their prints!

The benefits of B2C Wide

The B2CWide system is an online design and order, SAAS based storefront that basically gives your customers the ability to order large format products online, directly from your website. The system is combined with art galleries and Facebook/Instagram integration. It can be integrated with other systems or become a standalone website.

B2C Wide allows your customers to upload their photos to your website or choose from your gallery their desired prints. The system can automatically calculate the product and its shipping price, and then your customers can proceed to complete the order and pay online.

Online galleries and Facebook/Instagram integration

Through B2C Wide system, your customers can simply login to their Facebook or Instagram account, choose a picture and order it online. They can order a large canvas photo, a poster or even a wall sticker with their own favorite photo straight from their account. It’s as simple as that.

B2C Wide allows your customers to view the variety of your display products, view their specifications, order them easily online and upload their pre-press file. The system saves you time and helps you receive and manage your orders in an easy and efficient way. For more information, check out our demo site – B2C Wide.

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