Why Every Print Store Should Offer Web-to-Print Services

Most of those in the printing industry will agree that since the introduction of digital printing, the printing industry has undergone quite a revolution. Gone are the days where businesses and individuals had minimal choices regarding their printing requirements.

Now, with online solutions such as print-on-demand and web-to-print, everyone can print whatever they need, whenever they need it, and in the quantity they desire. People can print only 20 flyers to invite friends to their birthday, companies can print just 3 catalogs for a specific client, and authors can print one book just for themselves.

Web-to-print software allows people to submit, preview and print their own materials online via easy to use interfaces. Once the software is installed, your clients will be able to login at any time, from any place, and start a project, edit it, and send it to print. The automated software will print the project and the client would be able to pick it from the store or get it delivered, according to the store’s terms and production times.

With the addition of mobile apps, online printing is now even easier and more accessible than ever. B2C’s mobile application is a friendly addition to our web-to-print solution for print shops. With it, your clients could access their account from their mobile device and won’t have to wait until they’re near a computer.

Implementing a web-to-print software will put your print store at the top of the print providers in your area, so it’s time to boost your business. The benefits of this solution will soon justify the investment:

  • Automated system – reduces costs and manpower.
  • Friendly interface – clients can complete orders anytime, anywhere.
  • Easy access – from PC, mobile and tablet.
  • Customers can monitor their orders online.
  • No quantity limits – clients can order small projects.
  • Integrates perfectly with other systems.

Being an online service that can be accessed from any device, day or night, is what makes this solution so perfect for any print store. It’s time to revolutionize your business and boost your sales!


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