What Aspects Printers Need To Analyze Before Implementing Web to Print

The print industry went through major innovations and developments in the last years, especially in terms of user experience and fast turnaround times. These changes are backed by constant developments in other industries, like e-commerce and IT.

Today, with the advancements in web technology and mobile communication, customers prefer to transact over the web, expecting ease of use and convenient order placing from their homes.

The web to print technology combines all that. It offers convenience both for the printers and customers through web interfaces. When you have a system that is user friendly and easy to use, your employees can get trained immediately, so the chances of revenue growth will increase as well.

To better understand what to consider when opting for a web to print solution, here are a few aspects you should take into account:

Research. Always start by asking questions and comparing before you decide. There a lot of companies that provide web to print solutions, and usually those with many years of experience offer more advanced services. Check on each company’s website for customer recommendations, demonstrations and success stories.

User experience. You should opt for a solution that is user friendly, which allows your customers to easily login from any device at any time and make changes, edits and additions before the final approval. Make sure that the service allows any quantity of prints (from 150 event invitations, to 500 brochures or 1 family album), and that the client can do everything remotely and doesn’t have to come to your store (only for picking up the final product).

Competitive edge. It is clear that investing in a web-to-print solution will transform your business and help you gain a competitive edge. You need to know everything about the solution and its capabilities. Is it automated, can it integrate with other software and systems, is it updated from time to time, and what can it offer that will put you above other print stores?

There is no doubt that taking your print business online is a big step, one that brings many opportunities to grow and reach more clients. Don’t wait for too long, join the online revolution and transform your print store today!


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