Three Questions That Will Totally Improve Your Future Print Sales

Want to drive more sales to your print store? It’s time to put on the journalist hat and ask your customers 3 questions that will undoubtedly improve and increase your print sales.

An interesting article suggests asking these three questions: “How, what and why” in your sales conversations. Here are the summarized points:

“How did you find me?”

This is crucial information, especially if the lead comes from an online source like a Google search. This way you’ll know where to put on more effort promoting your business.

“What were you looking for?”

It is possible that the client was searching on Google for a different kind of service, but Google somehow came up with your business in the search results. This means you can organically work that phrase into your marketing materials as well as social media.

“Why did you choose my business?”

This question helps you craft the appropriate sales offer. Even if the prospect approached you, you still need to close the sale and convert the prospect to a paying customer.

If you don’t ask these questions and just rely on assumptions, two things would happen:

  • You might miss valuable buying cues that help you move the sale along.
  • You might miss crucial data and insight about your own marketing process and where you should be putting your money and effort.


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