The Great Advantages Of Print on Demand

In any industry, and especially in the printing industry, technology plays a big role, so it’s important to keep up with innovations and advancements. Such is the print on demand solution, a great tool for any printer wanting to rise above the competition and increase sales and revenue.

Print on demand technology – What’s it all about

So, as the name suggests, print-on-demand is an advanced solution that allows customers to print a desired project according to specific demands, in any quantity, from anywhere and at any time.

Customers could log-in to your website from their own computer, or using the app on their mobile device; create a new order, edit it and make changes, and send it to print, all without involving anyone from your staff.

What it means for print providers

The greatest advantage is that you’ll be able to offer an advanced, user friendly service that makes the entire printing process much easier for your customers.

Also, you and your staff will be much more available and free to do your job. You’ll be able to attend customers at the store, go over inventory or invoices, and most importantly – much less consumed with repeating changes for orders.

This is because this online solution hands over the control to your clients. They can make any change they want, whenever they want to, right until the moment they send the order to print.

The benefits print on demand has to offer

Environmentally friendly solution – It reduces paper waste to a minimum, as it allows customers to order an exact number of copies. In most cases, print services require their customers to submit a minimum bulk order, but with print on demand, clients can order just 50 brochures or even just 1 or 2 copies of a catalog or book.

Flexibility – This online printing technology allows clients to simply log-in from any device at any time. They can make format changes, edit or rewrite the text, and load new graphics and images.

Control – Only after the final approval, the project is sent to print. The clients are able to do anything remotely, by themselves, without involving any employee from you staff.

The advantages of print on demand technology are truly remarkable, and many people find this option more flexible than traditional bulk printing. As a printing service, investing in such a technology will place you on the top of the list in your area (or even your country) and will generate more business.


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