The Benefits of Web-to-Print for Small Print Shops

So, you’ve decided it’s time to take your print shop to the next level with a web-to-print solution. That’s great! Now it’s time to understand why this solution is so beneficial for small print shops, and how to maximize its potential.

Web-to-print basically allows you to maximize order efficiencies and workflows, while freeing you or your staff to focus on other aspects of the print store (like inventory, helping clients in the store, managing the books and so on).

Here are some of the main web-to-print benefits for a small print store:

Accessible platform, 24/7

One of the greatest aspects of a web-to-print storefront is that it can be accessed by your customers from any device (computer, tablet or mobile) and when it’s most convenient for them, at any hour of the day. There is no need to waste time on back and forth conversations with clients, and the production can be run when it’s convenient for the print room, improving productivity and increasing profits.

This means you can stand out from the competition by allowing your clients to engage with your business in the same way they’ve gotten used to in the modern world. They can easily choose designs, edit and change the text, approve the job, pay online and check their order status.

Friendly, easy to manage system

When using a web-to-print solution, your clients can produce an order without any previous knowledge or training. The system is very friendly and easy to use, and all the client needs to do is to simply log-in, choose a desired project and get creative.

According to your store’s delivering options, clients can track and receive updates about the status of their order and whether it has reached its destination.

Automated, improved workflow

Web-to-print has a very organized process, ensuring all submitted jobs are queued up for production in an orderly way. The hectic days of chaotic calls and emails with multiple people to place and finalize an order are gone. The system gets and prioritizes orders in an organized, automatic manner.

Customization and personalization

A lot of customers are looking for that special feature that allows them to personalize their desired print job. Using your online print-shop, your clients can create their own customized project. It can be a personalized business card, a family photo album, a wedding invitation or even a calendar for their loved ones, starring the whole family.

The option of personalization makes it an appealing selling feature for you, demonstrating how many elements can be personalized in this system, meeting the needs of both simple and complicated print jobs.

One last important note – Be sure to choose a web to print solution that can be up and running within a few weeks and provide endless choices for you and your clients.

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