Simple Ways To Minimize Prepress Problems And Costs

Prepress is one of the most important elements with regards to print quality, mainly in terms of color, image, and overall outcome. So how can you guarantee success in this essential part of the print process? Here are a few suggestions.

Those in the print industry know that terms like focus, banding, exposure or thermal head power can mean the difference between the success and failure of the entire print job.

There are a few preventive approaches that you can implement to ensure prepress quality at minimal cost:

  • Speed – A lot of print services keep their prepress machines at maximum speed and power all the time, even when it’s not necessary. This usually shortens the life of laser heads. Whenever possible, slow down the speed. It might not save time, but it will definitely save you some money.
  • Banding – This is a common issue that is often caused by the wrong power setting or a problem with focus. Start by checking these two areas first, it will help determine whether expert help is required or whether you can fix it yourself.
  • Plates – Invest in quality plates, even if they cost more. According to swathly, inexpensive plates may seem like a good deal, but some plates require high power to burn properly, which shortens laser life. So you should consider the overall costs rather than cost per plate.
  • Regular check-ups – Many print services focus their attention on number of hours in operation, and neglect to ensure that the performance of their prepress machine consistently meets manufacturer standards. The most ideal practice would be regular check-ups, at least every 3-4 months.


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