Online Book Printing Will Give You A Competitive Edge

If you are a part of the print industry, you know how the digital era has revolutionized printing. From the ability to create family photo albums, to print customized wall stickers, printing is virtually unlimited.

Now that technologies such as online printing (also called web-to-print) are available, print providers can create their own website where their clients can order any print job – from catalogs and brochures, to business cards, birthday albums and even books.

If you really want to take your printing business to the next level, you should implement B2CBooks – a unique web based solution that allows your customers to submit orders at your website and finish the entire process without leaving their home.

This system is offered to print providers worldwide in any language, currency and measurement type (cm/inch). It is a web based online book pricing, job estimation and submission tool that allows your customers to price up jobs and submit orders at your website in a short and easy process according to the prices you pre-define.

The system is provided together with an online management system and can be integrated as an add-on to the B2CPrintshop system or become a stand-alone website.

Once the system is installed, your clients can simply login to the website and start creating their book order, choose materials, sizes, weights, printing type, number of pages and so on. They don’t need to go anywhere, as it’s all done from their computer or mobile device.

This way, your clients can login whenever they are available, progress with the order or edit and make changes, and send it to print. And the greatest advantage – they can print even just 1 book; there are no limitations regarding quantities.

Want to see how B2CBooks works? Visit our demo-site for more information: b2cbooks.


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