New Hybrid Book Combining Print And Digital To Be Launched Soon

An interesting collaboration between the publishing industry and digital print introduced a new approach to book publishing in the form of a new hybrid book.

This new hybrid book will be launched at PRINT 17 in Chicago (September 10-14), at the Ricoh booth. Dr. Harvey Levenson and former Seybold editor John Parsons will unveil a prototype of the next edition of Introduction to Graphic Communication, using Ricoh’s Clickable Paper technology to trigger related digital content and interaction with the reader.

In order to raise support and funds for the development of the digital experience of the final hybrid book, Levenson and Parsons have launched a Kickstarter Campaign. “What could be better than a book that’s about graphic communication to show how print can guide and enhance digital media?” stated Parsons.

“This is a pioneering undertaking,” noted Levenson. “It will be the first book ever produced using Clickable Paper technology. It will represent a unique learning experience for students studying graphic communication and for industry folks wanting to learn more about their field.”

Users will be able to scan pages of the book, using the free Clicker app on their tablet or smartphone to access videos and other media, and to interact with learning systems and fellow readers.


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