How To Make Your Print Shop Much More Effective

Here’s a situation that many print shop owners experience:

A potential client walks in (or sets a meeting in advance), looking to print a small amount of flyers. They sit with your graphic designer, ask a million questions, change the graphics a few times and then make the order which takes 2 minutes to complete.

This client just wasted 2-3 hours of your time and your staff’s time, for a 2 minute work.

So how can you avoid situations like this? How can you make your print shop more effective?

The solution:

An online platform where the client can design easily, make any changes they want, choose any amount of copies and send it to print, all by themselves!

You can set-up a station at your print-shop where the client can sit, design and complete the order.

Or, an even easier option is to build an online web printing platform to which the client can login from any device at any time and create the order.

With B2C’s various platforms it’s easier than ever to build your own printing website and save your graphic designer and the rest of your staff valuable time that can be used elsewhere.

Check out our advanced online printing solutions and make your print shop more effective, today!


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September 28, 2016

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