Lowering costs using Web-to-Print

In today’s competitive market, the best and efficient way to increase sales without increasing production costs is Web to Print. The four main reasons for that are as follows.

Lowering costs

Saving time – manpower is a main factor in production costs, saving hours of graphic design, proofing processes and collecting information from customers can be a major cost factor and can make the difference between profitable jobs to a non-profitable ones.

Support costs – traditional print jobs that are received via phone or email require the effort of contacting the customers, providing them with the quote, updating them with the production process, shipping etc. which all can be done automatically when they order through a print-on-demand platform.

Cash flow – when you are making a sale using a Web to Print platform, most payments are received through an online payment gateway, the payments are done by the customer’s credit card, and this will insure a payment in advance which is very rare in traditional print sales where payments are received after an average time of 90 days.

Customer loyalty - most customers who order through your Web to Print platform will register as members to receive future discounts and there is a high probability that those registered customers will return to your website next time they will have the need for a print job. It is very important to encourage customers to register as members but not to force them because it may be a turn off to some of them.

Web-to-Print market and packaging prints are the 2 print segments that show the most significant growth during the last 3 years.

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