Kodak Announced Upgrades To Their Proofing Software

The KODAK Proofing Software will receive a few upgrades, Kodak announced recently. These upgrades will make it easier for printers to print consistent color results, without spending valuable time on planning.

With the new upgrade, printers will be able to proof spot colors with stunning accuracy with new support for violet ink proofers from the EPSON SC-P7000 and SC-P9000 family. The new upgrade also offers certified proofing for color confirmation.

The upgrade also pairs perfectly with other features in the software including supporting custom media, industry leading color performance and scheduled calibration.

Print providers will be able to calibrate after hours, meeting print buyer specifications and maintaining industry standards. The end result is to achieve high quality proofing by the users to ensure a flawless finished product.

The proofing software is a dependable, easy-to-use solution for inkjet proofing, reducing costs by eliminating extensive planning and allows for an overall increase in operations swiftness by delivering consistent, reliable results time after time.

To learn more about Kodak’s color performance proofing software and specifications, visit: KODAK Proofing Software.


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