How to Stand Out in a Crowd and Get Customers to Notice You

When you own a printing service, you always want to attract more clients and increase your revenue. How to do that, is the million dollar question…

There are many ways to get new clients, some involve investments to improve your print shop, and some involve very little effort. It all depends on how much time and money you can spend.

Invest in advanced technologies

An advanced online system such as web to print, allows anyone to print anything at any time, in any quantity. Web to print software will allow your clients to submit, preview and print orders online through an easy to use interface.

The major benefit of web to print technology is the fact that the client doesn’t need to physically visit your print store in order to create their desired printing project, it’s all done online. Your clients will be able to login at any time, from any device, and create, edit and print any printing project.

Grab attention with pattern interrupt

Pattern interrupt is a very useful marketing technique. It’s about doing something differently from what is expected of you. Sales people are more likely to be remembered and get engagement if they practice pattern interrupt.

Here are a few ways to use pattern interrupt successfully. Use SMS – In most cases, Texts get read a lot more than e-mails (that usually get deleted). People are used to getting texts all day, so they are much more likely to read your text and even reply.

Use Skype instead of meetings – Especially in today’s busy world, it is hard for people to find time for meetings, let alone travel to and from meetings. Suggesting a Skype call to a prospect is a bit different, but it also shows that like them, you are busy and do not have the time to dedicate to a traditional meeting. That makes the prospect see you differently. Also, the messaging system on Skype is another good pattern interrupt communication channel.

Reach out to your prospects on social media

If you still don’t have your business page at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and even Instagram, then now is the time to set it up!

Next – Inform your clients about your new page and encourage them to follow you. Stay updated and post at least one or two times a week to keep in touch with your followers and also to reach new followers and prospects.

Engage with your prospects on a one-to-one interaction. People usually appreciate it when their social channel engages with them, and they don’t see this as a typical sales channel. Try reaching out to prospects through direct messaging. Once you have established a dialogue, it’s a lot easier to inform them about new deals or services.

It’s time to take action!

You don’t have to start employing all of these suggested options to get customers to notice you, you can start with just one, see how it goes, and after a while, try another approach. Eventually you will find the most effective approach for you.


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