How To Get Creative With Online Printing

The online revolution hasn’t passed the print industry, and many print services are starting to implement online printing solutions. These help not only the customers, who can get creative with their ideas, but also the print store itself, reducing time consuming client meetings and relieving the staff to do their job without interference.

It’s very easy to get creative with online printing, as there are so many options to design a personal, innovative print job. Clients can create their own family photo albums, event invitations, business cards, brochures and so much more.

Here are a few ideas to get creative with online printing:

Photo albums and more

People love to get creative with special gifts or memorabilia. Family photo albums are a great example – they can be dedicated to a special birthday or event, capture the last vacation or just gather old photos into one nice album. With online printing solutions, your clients will be able to create their own album, add text or graphics, edit and make as much changes as they want, and send it to print at any time, from anywhere.

Other great ideas for photos can be calendars, posters and even T-shirts, all specialized for a specific purpose and created solely by the clients.

Special occasions

Custom printed cards and invitations are also great items for online printing. Creating a personalized greeting card is an excellent way to commemorate a holiday, birthday, graduation or any other special occasion. With a custom card, the client can write their own message and have it printed with a special font and graphics, and add their own photos.

The same goes for invitations of any kind – from anniversaries and birthdays to engagement events and weddings. Any occasion can be a reason for celebration, and creating their own invitations can make clients feel more involved.

Business advertising

A diverse range of professionals rely on advertising to keep up steady clientele and revenue, and the vast majority still use printed business cards to let potential customers know about them. Your clients can select from any number of creative choices for business card design and layout, and even add extra features like non-standard card shapes, textured paper or other materials like wood or metal.

Other creative options for business advertising are brochures and flyers. Online printing software can render eye-catching designs on high quality paper, and the end results are effective at catching customers’ attention.

Catalogs can also be designed and printed online. Putting together a high quality catalog can be accomplished in a few basic steps. Your clients will be able to create and print an entire catalog without ever setting foot in your print shop.


Personalized, custom print projects are some of the best-selling options for clients who want printed materials different from anyone else’s. Online printing has lower carrying costs and no quantity limitations. Clients can print just one photo album, or 50 invitations. All of this makes online printing the perfect addition to your print store.


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