Fujifilm Announces An All-New Third Generation Digital Inkjet Press

FUJIFILM North America Corporation announced their all-new flagship third generation J Press 750S, which will be available in North America by year-end. The new press offers an unsurpassed level of productivity, generating 3,600 B2 sheets per hour, for both static and variable jobs, with a new maximum sheet size of 23” x 29.5” (585mm x 750mm).

Based on the core technologies of the previous 720S series, the 750S further raises the bar by adopting the company’s latest productivity, quality and environmental enhancements.

The J Press 750S delivers outstanding quality with cutting-edge technology, with a few more benefits:

  • High-speed output and larger sheet size

    The J Press 750S prints both static and variable jobs at 3,600 sheets per hour (about 33 percent faster than the current 720S series), without any quality compromise. Plus, with the larger sheet size of 23” x 29.5” the capacity from a four to six letter page imposition is a 50 percent increase over the previous generation.


  • Highly precise image quality

    The new J Press 750S series is able to print output that exceeds the quality of offset printing platforms. The 750S delivers exceptional flat tints, pin sharp text, ultra-smooth gradients, ultra-fine line work and perfect flesh tones and has an extensive color gamut of almost 90 percent of the Pantone library.


  • Outstanding inline quality inspection

    The third generation 750S incorporates an inline scanning procedure of each sheet to ensure quality throughout each print run. Furthermore, Fujifilm has introduced an optional full sheet scanning function, ensuring each printed sheet matches a pre-approved image quality standard.


  • Packaging solution

    The J Press 750S exhibits great flexibility for the widest array of growing packaging segments. The press comes standard from the factory as a commercial printing platform and can be field configured to print up to 24 pt. board stock. Users can change their own configuration back and forth to gain the maximum flexibility and value from their J Press investments.

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