Fabulous Design Opportunities With New White Dry Ink

The new White Dry Ink from Xerox brings plenty of opportunities when designing printed applications. It is now possible to create special designs like a snowflake with textured details on a postcard; a book cover with a white horse on a dark background; or a window cling advertisement with white text.

Specialists in the print industry predict that the digital print enhancement volume will continue to grow and would reach 25 billion pages by 2020 in the U.S. and Western Europe.

With the addition of the white ink, print providers will be able to apply special spot effects and transform an ordinary printed piece into a unique product.

Xerox’s new White Dry Ink is suitable for the iGen 5 Press, opening up a whole new range of applications. Designers will be able to use white on colored and transparent substrates to create a wide range of items like business cards, invitations, special signage, catalogs and brochures, and even book covers. The opportunities can also extend to packaging applications.

It would be possible to print white dry ink only, as well as white layers under or over other colors. Also, printers will enjoy an outstanding brightness and opacity that’s achievable in a single pass of white.

To learn more about white dry ink, read here – Xerox’s New White Dry Ink.


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