Create Stunning Labels With New HP Indigo 6900 Press

Being a part of the print industry means constant evolving. You should always pay attention to new innovations and trends, and implement them in your print store.

One example is label printing, and particularly – metallic ink printing. With HP’s new Indigo 6900 Press, you can print any label in a simple, more productive and profitable way.

The new press delivers digitally printed metallic effects across a wide color gamut, helping print service providers stand out. With outstanding print quality, wide color gamut, and profitable printing applications, even the most particular customer’s order can be produced on-demand.

Special features and advantages:

  • Wide on-press color gamut
  • Special metallic effects
  • Seven color support
  • Off-press color mixing
  • Print speed of up to 40 m/min (130 ft/min)
  • Up to five times faster data processing

With Indigo’s outstanding versatility, you can print anything and open new market opportunities. You will not only increase productivity but also be able to put automation to work for you.


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