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Connecting the customers to your printing services has always been a hard thing to do, there are many factors that can attract your customers to other print suppliers, whether it’s the cost that is getting more and more competitive, the technologies in the printing industry that are evolving constantly, or the type of service and convenience you can provide for the customers.

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In today’s economy when companies compare print prices online and the print technologies that are available almost for everybody, the type of service and convenience you provide your customers seems to have the biggest effect on the their decision when the time comes for them to choose their print products supplier.

This is where Brand Management plays an important role and helps you keeping your customers loyal to your services.

When we say Brand Management in the printing industry we mean providing an online catalog of the customers’ Company branded print products that will be available for anyone who is authorized by the Company to make a purchase.

In some cases the online product catalog will allow customers to order their branded print products ‘as is’, and in other cases it will allow the customers to make some changes to the product while keeping their brand and trademarks. This way, a Company’s employee who needs to order a business card for example will enter the online catalog, choose the product and then have the ability to change name, phone number, address and other details that the brand allows, without changing the branding standards and style that is already there.
This way, you give your customers the convenience they deserve, save yourself and your customers the time and extra work, lower your costs and tighten the connection with the customers.

The statistics B2CPrint gets from handling hundreds of print provider’s sites that serve thousands of business customers are showing some clear facts – The number of business customers (B2B) that stop using an online ordering platform provided by their print supplier is under 12% in 3 years. The number of orders that are coming through online B2B platforms has grown by 53% in 3 years, and the demand keeps growing instantly.

The trend is now clear more than ever, Brand Management is a growing segment that every print provider should consider for the business to keep up with the market standards, improve services and stay profitable in today’s competitive market. In order to keep up with the trend and keep your customers for many years to come, you must update the catalog with their new products, make sure you that everyone who is involved in the ordering process knows how to use the platform, keep it “personal” by listening to the customer, adjust the platform to special needs as much as possible and differentiate yourself from the competitors.

Since the majority of small-medium businesses are not ordering print products through an online system just yet and the demand keeps growing, the more time and effort you will invest in marketing your B2B services the bigger share you will earn in this market which is considered to be the most stable one in our industry.

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May 20, 2015

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