Best Strategy to Deal With Requests for Lower Prices

In the printing industry (as well as plenty of other areas), we are used to giving away too much. It’s hard to gain new customers and a lot of print shops are lowering their prices to match a competitor’s pricing and keep the client.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Sure, it often feels necessary to match another quote and offer a lower one, but you need to remember one important thing:

If a potential client is asking you for a lower price it usually means they want to work with you.

What you need to do is make an agreement that works for the both of you.

So how do you do that? You ask for something in return.

Here are a few ideas of what you can ask for in return for a lower price:

  • A flexible deadline
  • A recommendation or high rating on your social pages
  • A testimonial on your website
  • A referral to other potential customers
  • More work in the future

The important thing is that you don’t give away something for nothing and that you make sure you also get something in return for lowering the price.


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