A Large Format Scanner Will Revolutionize Your Print Shop

The image scanning technology has come a long way in recent years, and we can see more and more large-format scanners that can deliver high-quality images at fast speeds.

As a print shop owner, surely you find yourself regularly needing to digitize or copy large originals, such as technical drawings, artwork or photographs. Now you can revolutionize your business by adding a large-format scanner.

Todays’ scanners are evolved, and the technology enables them to integrate into other systems and platforms, such as mobile devices, online printing platform, cloud, and other types of software.

Large-format scanning technology is driven by how an image is captured and how it is being manipulated and archived once it’s captured. Image capture is divided into Contact Image Sensor (CIS) which is LED-based technology, and Charge Coupled Device (CCD) which is a camera-based technology.

Most experts in the print industry recommend print service providers to opt for CCD-based technology and purchase a scanner that is both fast and wide. A wide scanner will provide a broad range of flexibility to accommodate the needs of customers who may have extra-wide documents. A fast scanner means greater production, which translates into increased revenue.

A few recommended options:

  • HP Inc. offers CCD in stand-alone and bundled formats, such as HP DesignJet Z5400 44-inch PS printer, HD Pro Standalone Scanner, and Panel PC. Print service providers can offer customers the ability to digitally capture and efficiently archive prints.
  • Colortrac recently developed SingleSensor digital imaging technology, which utilizes an array of Contact Image Sensors, pre-aligned and housed in a single structure. It provides a higher optical quality, larger color gamut, and improved match between sensors in addition to lower power consumption.
  • Canon offers Océ Image Logic technology. It’s a productive, reliable, and easy-to-use solution for high-quality copying and scanning. The technology turns imperfect originals into high-quality copies and scans.


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