6 Quick Tips To Produce Your Own Wedding Invitation

You’re getting married – congratulations!! As you probably realized already, there are so many things to take care of about the wedding – setting the date, finding a place, deciding on the guest list, etc… One of those things is the wedding invitation, and if you want to cut the expenses (or you’re just interested in something simple), you can make and print the invitations yourself.

Sit together and brainstorm

even if you’re not the kind of couple to get all excited over invitations, you’d surely want them to look pleasant and reflect a bit of your personality. So, start by brainstorming and throw lots of ideas – your qualities, special hobbies, your background and your favorite things. Once you have some ideas and thoughts, you can start gathering artwork while still formulating and finalizing your idea.

A great idea would be to take photos of the two of you doing something together. It can be anything from roller skating, sky diving, cooking or playing at the beach with your dog. Anything that reflects who you are and what you love the most (apart from your significant other, of course). You can also add some creative additions and graphics like flowers, balloons, bows, birds etc., with the help of stock photo websites.
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Consider design and layout

You can search and download a free invitation template that will give you a general idea about size, resolution and color. This will give you some idea about what is the standard size and format of a wedding invitation. Also, consider these things when you lay out your design – what size your wedding invitation will be and will it be folded, what information and images you want to include and will it be easy to read.

Always check the proof

Before you send the invitations to print, it’s imperative to proofread and double check the dates, the venue name and address, your names and any other spelling mistake. Remember that it’s always good to ask for someone else to go over it, and if you have a grammar-savvy friend who can take a closer look, that would be the best.

Print and mail the invitations

After the design is all finished, the hard work is over, and all you need to do is take care of the print order. The easiest way to print the invitations is via an online printing company that offers print on demand services. This gives you the option to order a specific quantity and to receive the printed project quite fast.

Make sure you print about 20 extra invitations so you won’t get stuck without one if you realize you forgot someone you want to invite. Also, order a set of envelopes matching the invitations in colors and size and mail them in time to let people organize their schedule and attend your happy day.

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