2018: This Year In The Print Industry

As 2018 is ending, it’s a good time to look back and dive into some of the subjects that drove discussions in the print industry this year. There is a lot we can learn from these topics that drew our attention this past year.

An interesting article at Print Media Centr reviewed some of the hottest topics and discussions in this past year:

Wide format and Inkjet printing

Inkjet and wide format presses are a big part of the print industry and its’ future. In 2019, if you are not embracing these technologies as part of your business, you’re fading. Do your research and learn what you can, and when you are ready to invest you’ll know it’s the right decision for your business and your future.

Events, trade shows and organizational changes

A lot of changes and transformations occurred this past year, here is just a quick review: SGIA Expo ended under that name and next year will transform into PRINTING United; also, SGIA purchased Graphics of The Americas (GOA) which will skip 2019 and be back in 2020; GRAPH EXPO became PRINT in perpetuity; NPES became APTech; and NAPL became Epicomm.

With all these shifts and changes, in 2019 it will be more important than ever to support the people, events and organizations that matter to you.

Print Customers

Direct and continuous education is the key to everyone’s mutual success, so work on developing a knowledge sharing strategy. If you need some ideas or things to share, ProjectPeacock is leading the print customer education charge. In 2019 more companies will get together to share a broader array of applications and print technology directly with print customers to drive awareness, interest and more effective use of print media.

Women and diversity in print

One of the great things about Millennials is that they are intolerant of intolerance. As they gain professional decision and purchase making power they will factor in all the parts of a company. They will do their research, discuss company culture and salaries, and share information freely.

To that point (speaking to the business owners out there), the topic of ending the gender pay gap is not fading away. There is a massive cultural shift happening and eventually, all things will right themselves. You can wait until you are forced to correct your pay gap, or you can lead and change those policies that discriminate against women. The decisions you make from this point on will have a long-term effect on your business. Whether it will be a positive or a negative one is up to you.

Looking forward

Next year find a new way to talk about your business and the industry. Find new places and new faces to share that story with. Open your doors to students, and work with schools and technical programs in areas that need support. Sure, it could take time and effort, but the future of your business is worth it.


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